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Monday, July 10, 2006

Battle for World Cup ratings!

So it's about 40 minutes to go till the World Cup final.
I personally want France to win due to our cultural ties etc., but I do think Italy's gonna take it home.
France relies too much on Zidane and their last game vs. Portugal wasn't too convincing...
As you know, the event is a huge spot on Hong Kongers' calenders.
At the mo, the two biggest public TV broadcasters TVB and ATV are playing their own shows, prepping audiences for their each freebie viewing.
TVB's got the glitter and star power definitely: playing to a live audience in Olympic shopping centre, a host of familiar celebrities and live broadcasts from Berlin.
ATV's trying desperately to make up with immature game shows and interviewing guests whom i'm sure aren't as well known as TVB's. (and yes I know I work at ATV but I have no sympathy or dedication other than to English news & current affairs dept.)
Having said all that, both shows have one thing in common and it's something i've touched on before - the role of women.
None of the hosts are female; the producers just seem to use a bunch of young impressionable girls to fill in the background while the blokes do all the 'talking.'
One of TVB's segment involves a dozen or so girls trying to show off their haphazard footy skills. Yes we all had a good laugh and I'm sure that shows women are shit at football, hmpf.
As for ATV while the three males hosts were chatting with some bloke, a bunch of bikini-clad girls just stood in the background, smiling, for the entire segment.
I can't imagine any western broadcaster stooping to such gimicky values and mockery of womens' roles.
For the time i've spent here, this constant blurring of sexual equality is all too prevalent - and subtle.
I don't imagine broadcasters or the media to deliberately stereotype this way - funny thing is they may not even know the brainwashing powers they possess over the public sphere. Refer to my previous article post about sexual violence against women.(in HK)

Some might see it as harmless fun and antics.

However now I can safely state that "the Hong Kong mainstream media is patriarchal and woefully unethical."
None of you fucking mediacrats can claim otherwise.