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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Yeah I'm talking to you perv!
You're not going to find the real nude pictures
on the net so don't bother!
Go buy one of those worthless tabloid magazines and go jerk off, wanker.
That perverted Easy Finder magazine really caused a shit-storm about press freedom...
anyone think a conspiracy with the government is too far-fetched? Even with the recently proposed laws of spying and crack down of dissident journo's in China? This is exactly the type of controversy that will warp the public's minds for greater control on the media.
Personally I could't give two shits if the government cracks down on press freedom - maybe then will people finally cherish it and use it for more noble and honourable causes.
It's times like these when independent media or guerilla news-making really shines.
If only InMedia was in Englihs... English.