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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tough day

There's been few occassions where I had to stay up for 27 hours, but yesterday was just absolutely tough, not to mention the equally brutal humid weather.
On Friday, the SMS said 'tommorow night at 4am' but we got mixed up and it was actually this coming 4am, not on Sunday's 4am. Therefore I didn't have any prior sleep.
At 4am we hooked up with the graffitists in North Point, filmed them a bit and then the cops trashed the party.
Then instead of going home we had breakfast, then took a nap for 45 minutes and met up with the other graffitists for their interviews at Igloo studios at 9am.
So eventually I got home (lugging all my gear) at 4pm on Saturday.
But then I was like, I better get used to this routine if I want in a career in film-making! Ugh...