[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Update

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Been a pretty traumatic week...
My hard disk with footage taken for our graffiti documentary got ruined - but luckily I still kept some backed up on tape. I give it away for a few days and then that happens... never lending my stuff out again!
Another subtitling disaster - after the "Standards of English" fiasco I really tried to be more cautious. But still somehow last week's Newsline was worse. I got so pissed off and frustrated while doing it cos Chugani kept interrupting, one of the guest's English was horrid and all three of them would occassionaly talk at the same time the dialouge became incomprehensible. Hence I couldn't concentrate and was more dazed afterwards than usual.
Guess I don't take it seriously enough. Plus I got a bad flare-up on my hands going on.
If I didn't still have this fucking skin problem I could go on and dedicate to freelance work or seriously go and seek out production companies. But sadly with this condition I can only manage part-time.
Ooh can't fucking wait till all those losers cry little piggy to the SCMP or those conservative government cronies lash out for using the word 'crap' on TV.