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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Behold, my new business card... site's not ready though, had to book the domain first in case some eejit took it. There's already an, it sucks so bad. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Am I cured?

It's been over two weeks since my last flare up.
Can I safely say I'm cured??
It's hard to sink in alright... I no longer need to wear socks or gloves anymore.
Funnily enough, I've had an insatiable appetite ever since I got better. It's like I've been starving myself for the past year (in a way I have since I wasn't allowed to eat many food types cos of the medicine) and even though I still can't eat the likes of beef, egg, seafood and alcohol, I seem to be an unstoppable eating machine... However, my better condition allows me to finally resume my gym sessions, so I'm putting on more weight while toning it. It was ridiculous before, when I had gotten better I would work out, but when the flare ups happened again it ruined all my efforts. Now I see a clearer picture.
I do fear I'll take all this for granted. After all the medicine worked too well and very quickly! I imagined it'd take a longer period for it to be evident but look at me now! A lot of people say I'm looking better now.
I really am happy but I'm still going to wait, at least for a few more weeks to confirm it.
Yet I still can't believe how I had to go all the way to Vietnam to get treated... after all the different types of doctors I've seen in Ireland, China and in HK.
It's been a tough year: the medicine, phsyical and mental anguish, flare ups, depression, uncertaintity, social irkings...
So what to do now? What's changed?
Well, for starters no more 'going home early' to make my damn medicine.
I'll begin to look for a new job soon too. After all, I had taken this current job because of it's convenient hours so I could have time to make my medicine and basically take it easy.
But now, well, it seems I can take up something more strenous and challenging.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Clash of Cultures?

This week's ATV Newsline is about whether there's a "clash of cultures" between Islam and Christianity.
Guests are Alaudeen Alaskary, the consul general of Saudi Arabia and Father Jim Mulroney.
This topic comes of course when Pope Benedict apparently quoted Islam as "evil and inhuman" from a 14th century Byzantine emperor.
Transcribing this episode was politically volatile since I didn't want to make any errors that would alter any of the guests' wordings.
I even had to call up the second-in-command of the Saudi Arabian consulate to help me translate something the consul general said. It turned out the phrase meant "Muhammad, peace and prayer be upon him..." I initially was just going to leave it as Muhammed, but thought it'd be prudent to wait. But as usual no-one gives a shit about my accuracy.
It was funny when the consul general seemed offended by Mulroney's comments about Islam being irrational - he apoligetically rephrased his comments.
Michael even had the nerve to ask Mulroney if he "hated Islam." Why the hell was he thinking?
It'd be even more ridiculous if he asked the consul general if he hated Christianity. But that wouldn't be normal would it, for everyone seems to be sympathetic to the plight of Islam, while Christianity seems like the opressor. Yeah, the Crusades is ancient history, get over it - both of you groups.
The concluding discussion was more interesting though. Father Mulroney touched upon the political uses of religion to further alterior agendas by governments and leaders. That is so very true. Look at the past plight of Northern Ireland. People always ask me about the whole Catholic and Protestant conflict... it's the least to do with religion. It was all about socio-economic issues and about which group got the better jobs. Religion was just something at face value.
Alaskary also preached about Islam being a peaceful religion. And it is. Mulroney also adds that we in the West have little comprehension as to what Islam really means. It's just some people are using that as a basis for violence and terrorism. Religion again, is just an excuse for legitimacy.
Wouldn't it be great if the everybody on Earth just renounced their religion.
Would there be world peace? No.
Would the world descend into chaos? Also no.
But what it would do is tear down a major barrier that polarises the world. Everyone would be free of their respective dogmatic, stereotypical and draconian values. This doesn't necessarily mean that moral fabric of society will fail, or that we become lifeless, materialistic consumers. I challenge that. This will gives us the freedom to live life through conceptualism and rationalism.
I mean, what has religion did for this world? Other than be the root cause of wars in past history? How does it really affect the day-to-day process of life on this Earth? We use up time to go to church, to pray, to fast, to sing hymns, to confess, to judge, to go on pilgrimage... and for what? That we hope our souls will go to heaven or get those lucky 72 virgins?
Is it wrong to be an atheist? I bet there are millions out there who belong to a religion but don't practice it. But at least I'm open about calling myself atheist. Or whatever you want to label me: godless, infidel, heathen, heretic, pagan, unbeliever, evil...
But here's what you can also call me: free-thinker, revisionist, indivdualistic, rationalist, conceptual, humanist, moralist, post-modernist...
I'm in no position to deny the existence of God or other dieties, I just want no part of it. But unfortunately with the politics of religion these days, it's hard not to get entangled. Shit, even Hugo Chavez launched some religious spiel at Bush calling him the devil at the UN General Assembly, followed by a quick prayer. You see, there they go with the religious rhetoric.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ain't it cool news

May not mean anything to some of ye, but today's the first time I can wear sandals without the socks!
And it's almost past the time limit of 2 weeks when my skin condition usually flares up again.
Went in for my second body checkup. My ratings have improved a lot in the past month thanks to the chinese medicine for my liver plus the other supplements. But apparently my spinal chord is slightly fucked that it's blocking some blood vessels, mainly the ones connected to my brain, liver and lung. I've to do this therapeutic massage twice a week for about 3 months.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bothersome anniversaries

China 'celebrates' the 75th anniversary of Japan's World War 2 invasion today.
It's high-time at Beijing's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall! (Yes it's really called that). But I'm sure it'll be aptly renamed later to lure in tourists, just like how Vietnam changed theirs.
A new film "Tokyo Trial" is also released nationwide at half-price and across 100 universities depicting the trial of 28 Japanese war criminals. Commie-owned Xinhua News Agency alleges the film to promote patriotism and pursuit of peace instead of Jap-banging.
Does this stir the anger of Japanese? Are they going to protest, burn the Chinese flag or ransack Chinese department stores? No. Because for some reason the Commies can't get over it! You don't see the Poles, Norwegians or Russians doing their own anti-German celebrations. Yes the Chinese suffered horrible losses and came back winning (with the help of the Allies). But sometimes enough is enough right? So what if Koizumi visits the Yasukuni Shrine, his intent to pray for peace and for the war dead, but so what if war criminals are there too? I doubt if there hadn't been any war crime by the Chinese side also. Everything is so face value to these dumbnuts - they pick the easiest form of representation to voice their anger, why? Because they're fucking retards who's national pride is based on their own subjugation by the Commies.
And look at what Pope Benedict said: he may or may not said those words with intended malignity but just like any "he said, she said bullshit," the damage has already been done.
Well here's a remark that should offend everyone in full circumference:
"FUCK ALL RELIGIONS!" Screw all those 'harmony' t-shirts because it's just not going to happen. A few small words can just ruin everything so why not put religion behind us instead of between us. Richard Dawkins is right, religion is pure bollocks, it's really the "Root of all Evil."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Look at this daft pansy popstar... it's like Kenny G's playing up his arse. What kind of dignity do you have left? Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 15, 2006

World Battle of the Bands Hong Kong 2006

Semi-finals coverage of the Hong Kong qualifiers at The Edge and The Cavern.
Pics are for this new magazine called "Taxi," a by-product of Asia City Publishing.

"Rusty Cross" (eliminated)

"Los en Found"

"VE Stand"


"Nuclear" (eliminated)"Protoss" (eliminated) "GriN"

More pics

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The doc and I Posted by Picasa

Goodnight Vietnam

"Wow, what a really shabby airport," I thought as I touched down at Ho Chi Minh City.
A weary-eyed driver from a tourist guide office kindly greeted us and off we went driving to the hotel.

What struck me most were the thousands of motorcyclists, like what Beijing used to look like (except with bicycles). Everyone was criss-crossing, overtaking and changing lanes, yet despite they looked like on a verge of a giant calamitic road accident, no-one seemed to shout, scream or any of the road rage you're likely to see. Everyone was patient and traffic still flowed despite the volume.

Our first stop after the hotel was "Cuu Long," Viet for Kowloon (in Hong Kong.)
The doctor, a native Hakka who also spoke Cantonese, said I had problems with my liver, thus causing my skin condition. I didn't know what to say! It's the second time a doctor mentioned this but this was back in Ireland. I was relieved to see him prescribe me pills instead of bags of medicine... at least that'll make my life much more convenient. I take two bags of pills per day, which seem like a concotion of sweets from a gumball machine. They smell like Chinese herbs alright. I bought a month's worth for about $700 (70 euro) and then I'm to go back and see him in October to see how I progress. Judging from his diagnosis, it seemed he's quite confident. He also reckons I should be completely cured within two months time.
After taking the first dosage, a few postules I had remaining on my hand had already swelled - much quicker than usual. Looking at my hands and feet now (after 5 days of medication), they're completely free of postules and only slight skin peeling. Everyone seems to be parading the fact that I'm cured. But alas, I've been in this situation before after seeing another so-called miracle doctor in Shantou, China. But after a few weeks another flare-up came by and shattered that illusion.
So you can't blame me for being cynical when I say a flare-up might occur, then what'll happen?

As for the other sights, we went to Cu Chi tunnels which was excellent. Firing the guns were even better. I mistakenly shot the wrong targets so I felt like a fool.

The War Remnants musuem was also an eye-opener. It used to be the called the Museum of American and Chinese War Crimes. That wouldn't hold too well and was promptly renamed.

Our trusy tour guide N. Quang Nhon or 'Nhon' was a former ARVN special forces soldier. After '75, he was imprisoned and his wife and son had fled to Texas. He did try to make contact with them but unfortunately after all those years, his wife had thought he moved on and married someone else but alas he hadn't. And now he's lost contact with them. But after reunification, people don't seem to care about the past and now as Vietnam joins the WTO, the war would just be a tourist gimmick.

More pics

Friday, September 01, 2006

Henderson Land's advertising

A while back I ranted on about Henderson Land's TV ads for their CentreStage apartments in Sheung Wan (they marketed it as Central, but so obviously not in Central).
But the bone I picked with them is the quality of their advertising.
Not only does it typify the 'borgeoise' style of approach and imagery, Henderson only seems to want white people (or just plainly non-Chinese) to take up residences. I mean, they put up a banner on Queen's road near all those other borgeoise shops like Gucci and Louis Vitton, with two obviously caucasian looking models for CentreStage. What does that tell you? Chinese aren't rich or cultural enough for your ridiculously overpriced apartments?
Now comes the blitz for their Grand Waterfront. The full version TV ad is roughly a minute long, even had the balls to recruit Jennifer Hawkins, a Miss. Universe. All the other dim extras in the ad are also non-Chinese.