[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: It's Al Jazeera, English-style!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's Al Jazeera, English-style!

Quite a commotion at 8pm after our newscast as we witnessed the birth of Al Jazeera English, yep as in the English version of Arabic News.
I must say their sets and offices during the those crane zoom shots looked quite impressive. It even looks like some futuristic space ship.
And what a night to begin as they broke into the news of a tsunami about to hit Japan, in 5 minutes!
They also had reporters on stand by in every continent as the green screen rolled past some familiar faces from CNN and BBC and even David Frost!
Based in Doha, it's funded by the wealthy Emir of Qatar so wonder they've got big Western journalists on their payroll.
Funnily enough, in a poll, 53 percent of Americans opposed the launch of the channel and two-thirds objected it to be aired in the US.
It'll be worth watching to see what their angles are, considering that its policies might deviate from its mother channel on international affairs.
Will it be the Fox News of the Middle East? I'd want to see their version of Bill O'Reilly, eek.