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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hung down with the freaks and ghouls

Ah no that's not fair to say to Cosplayers. I filmed the annual Cosplay Competition at the Hong Kong Comics Fair today and was quite stunned observing and filming them up close.
I had this assumption these people were rather introverted and well, disturbed.
But minority lifestyles in a heavily-entrenched mainstream society is always commended in my opinion.
The fair runs to for four more days and if you can blag your way you can try and get a press pass to skip the queues.
Guys, you've got to admit you've at least once got turned on by cartoon characters. Haha, but seriously some girls went all out in getting the classical big-eyed, multi-coloured elaborate hairstyles like the classic anime girls.
But I'd imagine the Japanese are light years ahead.
One hilarious character in this vidcast is the stumpy Spiderman. You can just imagine he's some 40-year-old perv trying to disguise himself!