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Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm in the wrong business...

An uber-luxury house for sale in Chung Hom Kok, Stanley, is going for almost HK$33,540 per square foot - a new record I believe. Imagine the sales agent's commission! Any percentage is good money eh? And all he has to do is just talk shit.

Went there to film the interior for the new SCMP Property series, a light-hearted attempt at producing our own content. Still a bit iffy in my opinion. But perhaps this video would give it a bit more push in the sort of MTV Cribs direction, which would be more fun. Not that I like MTV of course.

26-28 Horizon Drive residence is going for almost HK$350 million, a sizeable 10,000 square foot and a killer view of the bay, although slightly skewed by a nearby unit that's under construction.

It's actually split into two buildings, with an archway and pool area in between. Heh, as a bonus, the developers built this art gallery room for the eventual buyer. Actually, our guide said today's tabloids announced a buyer, though he vehemently denies it.

The actual interior design wasn't great - both its classical and modern-classical design was blah, and brimming with bourgeoise pretentiousness. It was just littered with various tacky ornaments like arts books, weird tissue boxes, dolls, picture frames of random people... found a few holes here and there too, very embarrassing.

Sure you leave and might think 'gosh, I wish I had a place like this.' But when I went home to my cosy little pad in Mong Kok, I thought this place is cool and humble, it's got the contemporary Japanese feel and it's just the right size for me, what the fuck would I do with 10,000 square feet? Sure I might throw huge parties all the time, but I believe a home should match one's personality. And that HK$350 mill fortress is just too much of an ego-trip.

Still, I felt flattered taking a piss in one of Hong Kong's most priciest real estate.