[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Leave Queen's Pier, or else!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Leave Queen's Pier, or else!

Quite the media frenzy at Queen's Pier. Me being on one of them. But at least I wasn't using a light or flash, something the hunger strikers didn't like. One was having a go at a Cable News reporter for not turning off his light - while doing a standup - and got into a bit of a bitch fight.

Reporters and videographers formed a ring around the hunger strikers - like an unwilling human shield when the government's stormtroopers come.

It's official though, something's gonna happen at midnight on Tuesday. It's all doomed. Star Ferry all over again? The Post's sending me out there to stake out, so let's wait and see. Once again I get to don my Press flak jacket.