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Sunday, December 23, 2007

So... cold

What a dreary journey... my arse was numb from the 12 hour flight. I should've known because KLM's flights are the cheapest among the big brand names. Not to mention I was sitting behind 2 kids - one li'l cute one kept smacking my leg as I was trying to sleep.

We almost got diverted to Rotterdam because of intense fog at Schiphol, but luckily KLM managed to 'lobby' Schiphol and we landed 45 minutes late. So I dashed across for the connecting flight, completely missing my mission to find hash brownies. And for fuck's sake, as I passed the gates, I sat there for another hour because of the fog, and couldn't go back to the main area.

I slept for 13 hours last night, and it was quite surreal to sleep in a complete dead-silence environment, unlike Hong Kong of course. In fact, I slept so much that I'm still tired... how does that work?!

Coming back home was also another surreal experience - I guess when I first left two years ago I was mentally prepared to leave it all behind. So much so I forgot where the kitchen lights were! The house hasn't changed much, although I felt my bedroom was a lot smaller - guess I'm too used to my grandiose one in HK.

The air is strikingly cold and yet so fresh. Last evening I was able to star-gaze for a while, and that's one of the things I missed, standing meditatively with my head perked high for hours on end. The solace will do me good.