[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: August 2005

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Devil's Rejects

The family that slays together.. stays together.
Rob Zombie should really stick to music, but then again he's not so popular in that field either.
The Devil's Rejects, a follow up to 2003's House of 1000 Corpses is truly a 70's exploitation flick. It follows the getaway of the mass-murdering 'Firefly' family after their home was assaulted by police officers led by Sheriff Wydell, played with extreme vigour by William Forsythe. The other characters are played by B list (if not lower) actors, some of whom look eerily similar to Elizabeth Shue and Burt Reynolds. It takes a turn when Sheriff Wydell truly turns into some sort of evil vanquisher and torturing and beating the main characters, insert your sympathy for them at your own peril!
Zombie's direction technique was standard, despite the overuse of freeze frames. The violence & gore in the film is not as bad as it truly should be, I imagine there's a director's cut that would make the censors' heads spin. If you're familiar with extreme gore & violence and don't mind all that profanity & blasphemy, then you should be able to sit through the movie till the end and make up your own decision. (yes quite a few did leave the cinema mid-way)
For me I thought everything but the violence was weak; the characters, plot and overall impact. At the end I just wondered what Zombie was trying to explain or highlight, although it has made me never go to Alabama. It's hardly original and ground breaking yet it's kind of refreshing to see a decent 70's remake for once and the alternative to polished Hollywood flicks out this summer.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

# It's a long way to East Asia

Well the lads and I have decided on a trip to East Asia in September. You can see our plan of action above. Such a trip no doubt would cost a small fortune, we're thinking of at least 2000 euro budget. Travelling expenses flying from Hong Kong to Beijing, to Tokyo and back to Hong Kong would be something like 600 euro, that's excluding of course the actual flight to Hong Kong from London which is about 700.
I personally don't wanna go to Japan since I went there 3 years ago, although it would be fun to go with the lads I just don't think it's worth the money, after all Tokyo is one of the world's most expensive cities! So I might just chill in HK after China.
I'm working over time for the time being, but hopefully by the end of August I'd have accumulated at least 2500, plus the additional money I have saved up here and HK.
Oh I can imagine the amount of stares Patrick would get from the locals, a pale man (gwai lo) with brimming red hair! Even funnier if he wore shorts.. Seamus on the other hand is a tall (also pale) with blonde hair- he was actually mistook for Prince William when we went to Guanzhou (South China) 2 years ago! No doubt he'll relish in his pseudo-fame when we get over there.
Luckily for me my foot is healing up nicely, I had a serious fungal infection for the past 2 months and I could barely walk, so you can see how worried I was when we decided to trek around Asia in my condition. So two weeks ago I visited a famous Chinese herbal doctor Zhe Wang in town and he gave me some herbs which have really helped. It's funny though because he says I won't be able to eat foods like beef, duck, pineapple or eggs for the time being because it aggravates the skin? And worse that I can't drink alcohol!! Oh well I guess sacrifices have to made to get rid of this fungal shit forever.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Don't advertise.. Subvertise!

Well since I won't be doing any media work in NY this summer anymore, I might aswell take the initiative and start something new.
I've always loathed television ads, most of them are just pure crap. Some sell products & services you don't need, they're manipulative, selflishly ideological and even subliminal. And look at all those really stylish and edgy ads filled with special effects; think of all that money & time spent on creating those ads when it could've been used to produce something productive and educational. The same goes for all those shite Hollywood films being made like Herbie, Stealth, House of Wax.. the money & resources being pissed away!
The advertising industry is very lucrative and is luring away creative film/digital professionals in whoring themselves to corporations and rich companies.
I've decided to do a trial run of this 'Subvertising' techinque which re-brands and re-edits TV ads. I've just completed my first one which targets KFC. After reading up on PETA's report on KFC's abuses, it was a great opportunity to try subvertising. So hopefully I can make this a regular thing and get some viewers. Besides, I need to brush up on my editing skills!