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Thursday, August 24, 2006

More petty tabloid shit

Tabloid magazines here in Hong Kong are much like the Brits', but only more petty and immature.
A local magazine Easy Finder published compromising photos of Gillian Chung, better known as 'Ah Q'(?) of the dim pop group "Twins." The cover showed Gillian fiddling with her bra. It's pretty timid stuff.
But the booming controversy is that the photos were taken by a secret camera in their dressing room at a concert.
No naked photos were published but the magazine did admit they had full-on naked photos in their possession.
What's worse the sales of the magazine are sky-rocketing, they even need to reprint several more issues to cope with demand.
Sickening, real sickening and just plain fucking vile - and that's just about the public.
There's an online petition going on somewhere to support her, go search it if you're keen.
I don't particularly sympathise with her or any pop star for that matter - you're all in the public sphere so expect this kind of shit.
PS: Look at this other spread (one of many) in the same issue.
If the women's rights groups have their way, you'll be seeing alot less of this lads.