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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Here she is.
Man, I had to edit this within one day since the Features editor caught me off guard by publishing the story on Monday, hence I had to finish it on Friday.
Wouldn't be half as hard if I had better putonghua. I find my listening skills are improving, but as such doing subtitles I needed to be more accurate.

Since Sa is a regular practitioner of Buddhist meditation, and her music does have a calming effect, it has reinvigorated my interest in the topic. I used to 'zen' meditate a lot during college and stopped doing my 'chi kung' meditation last year. I had learned it from a so-called master of chi kung in an effort to better my skin condition. But now with the weeks becoming more long and stressful - I blame the weather and the reporters filing their story late! - it seems I should take it up again, fearing I'll suffer strokes at mid-age!

Oh, I visited this Cosplay inspired cafe called 'Maid Cafe' in Percival House for a video shoot for Young Post... man it was creepy. The waitresses, 16-17, dress up French-maid style and serve these young groups of guys (surprise(!)) who do nothing but gawk at the girls, play their portable video games and read comics, while I sat impatiently reading about Mother Teresa's secret letters in Time Magazine, waiting for my colleagues to show up.

The cafe itself is pretty dingy, nothing really special or enticing other than these waitresses, who seem pretty dim but up to date on the latest anime. To borrow a quote from many Chines parents: If only they paid that much attention at school.