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Friday, August 31, 2007

I don't think I've seen this much hype and frenzy about a TV show... I don't understand it! These characters could've been filled by any other actors, the fact that they get lavished so much attention is just entirely coincidental. Yet here they are. Mesmerising millions of audiences because they play fictional characters. Yes, this sentiments goes out to all actor-celebrities.

The 'Heroes World Tour' for the Asia region included cast members Ali Larter (Nikki), Greg Grunberg (Matt), Masi Oka (Hiro) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Suresh). Their three stops included Tokyo, Singapore and of course Asia's so-called international city, our own Hong Kong.

The concept of a tour like this is no mean feat - the cast stayed for one day in each city.
Star World and Now TV have exclusive rights for the second season of Heroes, while terrestrial TVB Pearl just started the first season. And let's not forget BitTorrent, a question my editor Michael took to Masi Oka at the press con.

Me being the most disinterested in the show, volunteered to stay behind while the rest of my crew went to the event. But I did edit this mofo within a day!
Quite amazed how big a deal it was, I'm sure the show was even more popular than the previously hyped show Prison Break - of which I didn't watch either.
I thought it was a bit gimmicky the way that the show's two main Asian characters took part in the Asian leg of the tour... Of course though, you had to have Masi for the Tokyo one, but still...

And I have watched a few episodes, a mini-marathon of sorts on Star World at a friend's house with 4 episodes back to back. But meh, doesn't really do anything for me. I guess I'm sick of the whole big-budgeted, slick, geek-chic or whatever descriptions of shows like Lost, Prison Break etc. In fact Lost was the one that put me off, it burned out so quickly for me.

I'll tell you one thing though that caught my attention, the cast mentioned that season two will, can't remember which, but will either feature a hero who's Irish, or will shoot on location in Ireland. So hey, that might do it for me.

So here's SCMP's contribution to the hype. A more in-depth interview with the two Asian actors will follow next week.