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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Public apology or acknowledgement?

As much as I feel detached and fiercely disinterested from this so-called sex photo scandal, ironically I had to begrudgingly host a quiz show based on the topic, and today I even got an early call from my editor to get my butt to Edison Chen's press conference at Kowloon Bay.

As the taxi swerved into the HITEC every Tom, Dick and Harry reporter were already staked outside to catch a few shots of Edison's soon-to-be exiting vehicle, while the rest were already fortified in the press con froom.

I was in the front row and when I spotted him coming out, I immediately identified his swagger and cockiness. The man barely showed any emotion. I mean, he could've at least memorised his damn speech...

I admit I was a little surprised when Edison said he'll be quitting Hong Kong showbiz. Then again when I think of all the films I've seen in him... meh. I'm sure Albert Yeung is already grooming (or rather cloning) another overseas-Chinese hunk wannabe for the masses.

Rumours have it that someone shady has priced one of Edison's hand for HK$500,000, hence the presence of the Emergency Response Unit.

I seriously laughed when I heard he wanted to do some 'charity' work. That's why I told them not to use the audio from my camera... not to mention the constant fucks coming out of me because some twat photographer kept clipping me. Does he want to wash off the guilt? Improve his image? Absolute bollocks. Bet he's already counting down till his comeback.

Here's what I think he should've apologised for:
I'm sorry for being a dumbass and leaving those pictures on my laptop.

And he might as well have apologised on others' behalf:
I'm sorry that all those girls I bedded were idiots for letting me taking pictures of them.
I'm sorry for all those cheap, pathetic tabloids making money off my pictures.
I'm sorry for all those celebrity-obsessed pervy fuckers for spreading the pictures.
I'm sorry for all those starry-eyed naive teens who would take me as a role model.
I'm sorry for all those pompous academics because nobody needs to give a shit what they say.
I'm sorry for the police being mongoloids.
I'm sorry to call Hong Kong an international city.

Tell ya one thing though, thanks Edison for not doing your presser on the weekend...