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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ushering in another 365 days...

Instead of celebrating another new year with yet another mundane hangover, one should take solace that we've survived yet another 365 days. What with all the global turmoil, airborne diseases, economic fickleness and stress-related illnesses, we in the First World are lucky to have made it through to 2008.
The biggest thing for me in 2007 was my first foray into a full-time job, and man, I'm glad to have started it in Hong Kong of all places. For a naive European like me who values spot-on 8-hour shifts and tea breaks, I feel like I can handle any workplace after having survived in HK. The jobs I had in Ireland is nothing in comparison to HK - the hours, aggro and rush is like no other. One must be ruthless to succeed in a competitive environment, although I never let it get to me. Money is just a currency to buy goods & services, it is not a way of life. Hence, working is not a way of life either, and I won't let myself be a workaholic!
For the second-half of the year, the Chinese doctor I'm seeing now seems like the real deal (for now). My skin condition has improved leaps and bounds and I've enough confidence to resume my exercise routine, jogging and other rigorous activities that have eluded me for the past 3 years.
I've no real classic resolution made this year, and besides if I did, they wouldn't be made on the novelty of the new year - I'll do it when it's needed. But as I said above, I'm revisiting a lot of my old hobbies and exercise routines. For the past 3 years I felt like I had to drop everything and adapt to my skin problem. Which invariably means less exercise, social mood and forays into relationships. Plus, more anxiety, frustration and sheer pessimism.
It's time to pick up where I left off.