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Monday, April 14, 2008


Attended my first major award show on Sunday, namely the Hong Kong Film Awards. We were tasked in doing a short video on the celebrities gracing the red carpet and a short blurb on the winners.
I've watched many of these shows on TV, but I must say when you're watching it from the press area the atmosphere is certainly different. Initially I was excited about going to it, but at the end of the dreary day, I just said to myself I would never want to cover events like these again.... unless I'm forced to of course. In which case I'll have no qualms about loathing the assignment again.
I hate entertainment news and all the people involved in that arena. It doesn't slightly hold a drop of journalism and their presence only legitimises the celebrities' chauvinism. Can't help but feel contempt for this airhead TVB showbiz host that we sat next to. Aside from her constant fuck ups, it was the seamless flip from her normal personality to presenter personality that made me chuckle. If you can imagine: once the camera's on she's all happy and high-pitched, and once the take is done her face turns completely upside down. Her jobs seems like such a chore.
I also hated how most of the photographers/TV crews played their PSPs or whatever while they waited for the celebs to show up. Fucking juveniles.

And no need to point out me being a hypocrite, I admit I also held myself in contempt for being there afterwards. But if it's any consolation, I rarely get assigned to these events.

And AAARRRGGGHHHH how could SCMP you use a goddamn Reuters photo for their front page of the Awards????? Some fucking mongoloid should get fired for that, I don't care who it is, this sheer blasphemy must not go unpunished. And hah, this is surely not the only time we've used a wire photo for a major local news event.

This photo is perhaps my best memento even though I have no idea who she is...