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Saturday, March 08, 2008

OK! So the big-wigs are up for the idea of sending me to Beijing... *if* I can manage to find a place to stay... irregardless if it's free or paid by myself. So now I'm digging up any contacts, friends and family who may help me out. Guess I'll just sit down and scrounge through some websites to find some cheap accomodation.

I'll still have to leave in late April/early May and be there for at least 4 months. When I first heard this I admit I was a little apprehensive. That is a long time... and in Beijing of all places! But I'm ready to face this task. My sentiment was boosted today after those resurgent thoughts of wanting to get away from here for a while.

Flinging myself to anywhere for a couple of months seems really good right now. Not too long though, I think I might miss the convenient luxuries of HK! Yet, I want to go up there for all the wrong reasons... to be honest it's really because I want to detox myself from HK and from all the people I know. Not because I have a problem with any of them but leaving this environment for a while would help clear my mind. I've wanted to get away for so long... going back to Ireland last Christmas wasn't really a break after all. Going/Working in a foreign environment and relying on yourself to get by in an unfamiliar atmosphere would be a good distraction.

Oh, and covering the Olympics would obviously beef up my CV.