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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

From left to right: Me (Feck!), Will (Drink!), James (Arse!), Michelle (Woman!)
Well, unfortunately we had the mishap of incompleting the race because we were just too slow. Actually we did cross the finish line but our time was not registered. Our dearest captain Michelle was injured and suffering from cramps just over half-way into it so we were reduced to almost a snail's pace. My heart did drown when we were deemed 'incomplete', but no blame was placed on Michelle who felt a bit embarrassed. We finished as a team, and that's that. You're only as quick as the slowest person, so they say. But nevertheless I enjoyed running the gauntlet and 2 months of measly training put to the test. My legs are surprisingly okay! Right leg's still a bit stiff.
The article is by my friend Cassandra for Daily 10, a children's newspaper. Unfortunately she couldn't print our team name, hehe. What if kids start asking what 'Feck' and 'Arse' means??
Now I want to find a new physical sport/hobby. I enjoyed running and jumping across the rocky and jagged trails immensely, so maybe something in that area.

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