[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Olympics hopes dashed

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Olympics hopes dashed

Today my fears of not being able to cover the Beijing Olympics have finally been realised. Stingy bastards aren't willing to put up for the accomodation costs. Tomorrow I'll propose the idea of paying for my own costs... it's such an opportunity not to be missed.

What's even more ironic today is that the press registration for the Equestrian event has passed (a month ago!). My editor naively thinks we can still use a camcorder and make something viable out of it without accredation. Not to mention the fact that all the broadcast rights have been siphoned by the TV stations.

Fuck the Equestrian anyway, if my proposal doesn't float and there's no chance in hell I'm getting posted to Beijing, it's time to change company... I mean, going to the olympics was the one highlight for me here. Staying henceforth has oficially become pointless.