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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A nice trend

In this year so far, 2 publishers have requested to use two of my photos for their books:

Picture of Tuen Mun landfill for "Discovering Biology 6" of Time Publishing (Hong Kong), an educational book for secondary students.

Picture from Sai Kung pier for "Live & Work in China" of Crimson Business. It's for the Sai Kung section of their book for expatriates.

Sure, I don't get any money for it but it's great to know people, especially publishers, have taken a liking to my photos. Ironically, I wasn't try to be particularly artistic when I took these two photos. The landfill one was from my shitty camera phone while the Sai Kung one was just really random - didn't even notice the cloud effect till afterwards.
I find that my creative works have excelled in Hong Kong, much more so than in Ireland. Be it photography, writing or filmmaking. I guess I never really 'tried' back home. Which really makes me wonder...