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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Born again!... partly

When my doctor told me I could start drinking alcohol again (no spirits yet!), I was excited yet intimidated at the same time. It's been a solid 6 months since I've had a drink, and three years of on-and-off drinking. The ability to get pissed again was outweighed by worries of my 'capacity' to get pissed haha. Anywho, what better way to ring in the good news than on St. Patrick's Day? That's my long lost cousin to the right, also from Dublin.

Ah... finally I can stop ordering soft drinks or whatever when I'm out... not that I care what others think but it's good again to have that freedom to choose. I'm still off certain food types, however. I was treated to a lovely outdoor lunch in Pak Sha O Village in Sai Kung but I had to turn away the mango, prawn cocktail salad...

It also has psychological benefits. That love interest is fading to its last drops and my eventual trip to Beijing in May will be the proverbial nail in the coffin. Although some new events have manifested itself recently, I won't advantage of it or retain hope... I really just give up. She's the last straw. I'm sick of love. I'm more sick of myself, really.

At first I was quite apprehensive about going to BJ in May, partly because of my medicinal prioritiy here in HK and the fact that I have to er, sort myself out in terms of living expenses...

But I knew a change in surrounding and being away from here will do me a lot of good. That's why I'm willing to swallow the rent... I know it's wrong to think this way, that's why I thought I was going for all the wrong reasons because I really don't give a shit about Olympic sports and don't fancy BJ too much anyway. But when I told other people/journos that I'm heading up there they were quite happy for me and some jealous!

I've reconciled that this is a good move irregardless. I have no idea what to expect in this foreign environment for 4 months - even my flat arrangements so far are dodgy - but at least it'll keep me on my toes, which is all I can ask for really. Getting a tad too comfortable and reptitive here in HK.