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Thursday, August 24, 2006



Some of you may know Arthur Urqiuola (top) from my ATV News on World.

A mild-mannered, quaint young man in the office (I sit beside him).

"Oh so you're in a band?" as we conversed... "Yeah check out my website at

Talk about hardcore! He's part of a two-piece thrash-metal band Nanahara Shuya (character from the fuckin' cool Battle Royale) and has put out four records so far.

Their latest work is featured on "Cross the Unjust Line" a compilation CD against WTO.

Their also the work of my new music video/documentary project. Ideas are floating around of a 'Sabotage'-esque type video. Pranjal the drummer was wearing a cool wrestling-type badaclava during the last gig - maybe the two can wrestle and make a scene in Central.

It's been awhile since I did stuff for a band.