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Monday, January 07, 2008

2017 or not two-oh-seventeen

Well, what can be said about Donald Tsang's affirmation of 2017 chief executive universal suffrage? Also for Legislative Council in 2020? He is after all a puppet of the Chinese government and so has to relay the wishes of his Communist masters.

The pan-democrats are reeling of course, remembering the previous promise of UV in 2008 just afer the hand over, now this time delayed till 2017. I can understand why they're pissed! Who's to say it won't be delayed again?

After all, only 18,000 submissions out of the entire population bothered to take part in the green paper consultation. Sure, you don't expect every literate person to be involved, but that's still a meagre 0.2 percent of the population. I'm sure even less than that took part in the last 7/1 rally... don't think many will turn out for this Sunday's rally either. Jaysus, it's gonna be another organisers vs police stats again. I wonder how big the difference will be this time?

I admit I'm getting a tad tired of the debate. Let the government give a definite date - assuming it is 2017 for CE - and let's all just sit down and enjoy the coming nine years and see what happens. Holy shit, I'll be 33 by then. I wonder how many jobs I'll go through!!