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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Looking for more alternatives

So anyway, I reckon the Vietnamese doctor's medicine contained some steroids, that would partly explain the reason why my skin healed up so quickly, and adversely made my face and tummy puff up. And of course, steroids are just a temporary measure for the short-term. Consequently, I can't continue taking that kind of medicine as long term use of steroidal medicine causes a whole rake of problems - it's even banned in Hong Kong, apart from steroidal creams and ointments.

Enduring another flare up, and with the news of the possible steroids I ingested, I got a full blood test. Results were normal except that my liver enzymes were a little higher than normal - doesn't really help!
So then a GP recommended me to go see a 'Chi Kung' master to learn his meditation techniques.
I met him yesterday and he was quite an englightened fellow. Wong Chung-shek learned Chi Kung meditation from a master in Tianjin over 30 years ago in an effort to help his wife find a cure for her skin condition. He was so inspired that he learned the technique and teached it to people for free in Hong Kong - often holding classes several times a week. But now at 78, he doesn't really have the time and energy to devote fully into it, he is quite wealthy after all, owning several towers and buildings across HK. He teached me the technique which is remarkably simple, yet as he says, equally complicated. It's just like the saying: "I can open the door for you, but you have to walk the path." Undeniably so. Chi Kung meditation is hardly scientific, and is entirely up to the subject to subject's own determination, faith (not in a religious sense) and patience in order to succeed. It doesn't have any particular rules, apart from the way you sit on a chair. Which is good cos I can't sit cross-legged for too long!

Meditation is believed to increase the flow of 'chi' (energy) and can boost one's stamina, pyshcological and physical health and more importantly for me, my immune system. But there are no guarantees I can do anything beneficial. So maybe it can even act as a placebo? I am so tired of looking... all that time, money, travelling I've spent to see various doctors - not to mention the disappointment - It's a hard thing to have faith in, but thinking of all the things I want to do in life, all the places I want to travel and film projects or whatever I want to take, it's not just a desire to fully heal, but also imperative for the things I want to achieve.