[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: May 2005

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's a bitter sweet day

Well last exam is over and done with.. pretty good considering I did feck all study. I knew the topics on a personal level so I took a risk in seeing if I can answer them from my own knowledge. We shall wait and see! Although I'd hate to come crawling back for a repeat exam..
I'd be more happier today were it not for the fact I had some dodgy take away for lunch that was 3 days old.. didn't feel good at all, not to mention to extreme tiredness, so I passed on a night out. Might aswell save up and wait for the big bash on Friday!
It'll be sad saying goodbye but it's gotta be done. The past 3 years flew by and we've went through a lot (or not enough!).
Paddy- i'll miss your gwai-lo ass,
Aoibhinn- your sweet sweet voice,
Nick- that incredible trick with your arms,
Wardie- your generous cigarettes,
O'Cleary- your 'welllll',
Ted- that horse smell that makes me sneeze,
Kathy- your promotion nights,
Coonagh- the way you think everything sucks,
James- your vietnam stories,
Caroline- your crazy personality,
Chris- well I'm sure I'll hear you plenty on Newstalk 106!
Haysie- you're a good guy, hope you find what you want in life,
Grace- I wish you nothing but the best things in life.
Hope to all you guys again at Graduation in December.
Kinda surreal now that student life is over, now we gotta make something of ourselves.
But first enjoy the summer! All that stands in my way now is getting past immigration in New York airport!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Liverpool: European Champions

Against all odds, Liverpool have become the European Champions for the fifth time.
After being one goal down from legendary Maldini after 50 seconds of kick-off, they were hampered again with another two goals from Crespo by the second half. AC Milan literally tore the team apart and outclassed them in every way during the first half.
And can you believe from 54th and 60th minute, two glorious goals from Gerrard and Smicter followed by Alonoso's rebound from a penalty! Never has there been such a courageous come-back in a European final.

AC's Shevchenko missed big time when Dudek saved his shot from ultra close range during extra time.
And what better way to raise the tension with a penalty shoot out during a final? This time it is Liverpool's goalkeeper Dudek who denies Shevchenko's last penalty and wins the game. No doubt his reputation as European Football Player of the year is tarnished.
Truly one of the greatest football matches I have ever seen. Hey if George Hamilton says: 'I have been covering European finals since 1979, I never seen anything quite to beat this,' who's to argue?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Deadliest bus crash in Irish history

The crash Monday night near Navan, northwest of Dublin, left five teenage girls dead and 46 injured. Twenty-two people, mostly teens, remained in hospital Tuesday, including six listed in critical condition.

Condolences go out to the families of Lisa Callan, Sinead Ledwidge, Amy McCabe, Claire McCluskey and Deirdre Scallon. They attended two Catholic-run schools in Navan.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Episode III's Blitzkrieg

As Episode 3 premiers in Ireland tonight at midnight, we bid farewell to the final ever Star Wars film to be made, and good riddance!

If I wasn't a fan of the original trilogy, I would've definitely hated Episode's 1-3. It has bad acting, ridiculous plot lines, annoying characters and enough CGI to make you nauseous. The only kick I get out of them is seeing all the connections that leads to Episode IV the original Star Wars film, in particular the story of Darth Vader.

George Lucas isn't just a film maker, he's a bloody good entrepreneur aswell. 20th Century Fox, the film's distributor in 1977, assumed that Star Wars was going to be a flop and so agreed with Lucas to grant him merchandising rights. What a deal eh? Since 1977, Star Wars merchandise has generated nearly $10 billion. The final instalment, 'Revenge of the Sith' is expected to earn a further $1.5 billion for George Lucas in merchandising alone.

In the past week we have been bombarded by film promotions and advertisments that is bordering on insanity and sheer annoyance. Pepsi, Lego, O2, Burger King, M&m's are just to name a few who are on the Star Wars advertising bandwagon. Why promote the film so heavily when Star Wars fans and kids will go see it anyway? Ah yes, the profit!

Seems to me that Lucas is more concerned with stuffing his wallet rather than the Star Wars ideology. Or maybe the ideology was in fact originally a big money making scheme? Back in '77, no one could've imagined the success of Star Wars but Lucas himself, even the actors were pessimistic. The late Sir Alec Guinness even hated it all! I think he knew all along, why else would the original film be Episode IV? He planned to make Episodes 1-3 in the near future to build upon the enormous success of the original trilogy and make his money with merchandise. We should teach that strategy in business classes.

In 2004, Forbes magazine estimated his personal wealth at $4 billion. With this grand empire he has created over 25 years, will he too one day be challenged by a rebel alliance? Well maybe lawsuits...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

To celebrate the end of classes..

So it's Friday 13th, but that didn't stop all the fun. We all went out to mark the end of our final semester and twas also Ian's 21st birthday in Doyles. The Trinners' were out in force for their annual ball too.

Our exams begin on the 30th and the PR suckas have another one on the 3rd. So good luck with all the studies people, and then we'll go on a bender to end all benders after our exams. SEE YOU THERE!!

Monday, May 09, 2005


I felt like i've been doing everything for everyone lately.. it's not that i mind helping others, i'm fairly stressed out myself. After all my motto is 'if i can help, i'll help.' But sometimes I just frustrated at others because they had the opportunity to learn but had squandered it themselves. I would teach them to do things, rather than just opening the door for them. But that'll be the long way round wouldn't it? And I'm way too impatient for that.
One time in digital photography class I had asked the lecturer for assistance. A certain someone who we'll call 'C. O'Cleary' joked behind me "Ed? Needing help? Not so smart now!" (I knew he was joking or else I'd erase his docuementary!) But then I wondered, do some view me as some nerdy smart-ass? And is my modesty just plain annoying? Sometimes I can't differentiate between flattery and sarcasm. I really don't like that sort of attention, I prefer to be the underdog.
I've been used by others in the past, and I admit to having reservations about people when they need my help, but i shouldn't think that way. I guess sometimes i'm just a sucker for a pretty face or i follow that damn motto too often.
People have been telling me how great it is going to Manhattan for an internship. But I honestly can say that i'm only half excited and the other half nervous. Maybe because I don't know anyone there and not knowing what to expect? But I relish these situations! That's what makes life interesting! To get lost myself (metaphorically) in a foreign country is what I call an adventure. So why all the anxiety? I would say it's because now that my student life will end in a month, I'll have to start making something out of myself. I'll no longer have the luxury falling back on 'student' status. It'll be my very first trip as a 'graduate' with a bachelor's degree verus the world, kinda like holding a pea-shooter against a charging rhino eh?
If there's one thing I need, it's that someone to inspire and encourage me. I know I have the ability to do great things, but no one there to push alongside me. Perhaps it's just an excuse for being lazy you say? No, just someone who is over-emotional and clings to the past. Having that someone would make a big difference. I think that's why everybody needs to be inspired by love, for it conquers all and cushions the blow. And when you finally find that someone but passes you by without them ever knowing, how can you feel enthustiastic and excited about anything? I know many people have gotten over it through regret, hate and anger- that's a bad way to approach it; instead why not graciously surrender and admit 'fate had brought us together, but we have no destiny.' Good memories are always better.

# New York, New York...

So I've been set up for an internship in Manhattan with PAL Television East. Quite a change in what I had planned originally; wandering around Europe and Russia. But that's because I had no goal or objective, just wanted to get lost for a while.
Now that this is a golden opportunity to work with the professionals in the media industry (and in Manhattan of all places!), I can't turn away from it. Then again I may just be serving fucking coffee all the time. But I gotta start somewhere right?
Pity I don't know anyone personally in New York, wonder if I'll be able to handle the NY attitude. I wish someone was going with me, damn you Seamus!! Just because I couldn't get him a job in the same place I'm in, he's willing to give up the chance to be kickin' it in Manhattan and rather spend the summer working in a dingy newsagent.
Now I gotta scrounge the net looking for a place to stay.. rent is pretty cheap in Upper Manhattan, but that's where all the dodgy places like Harlem is... I don't wanna get mistaken for a Chinese triad! (ya know wit my bleached hair, tattoo & scar- it won't be the first time)
Prolly have to find a part time job too depending on how much I can borrow.
But it'll be cool to get away for the whole summer, haven't done that in ages, and where better than New York city! I always say i'm glad to get out of this shit hole... but I just know I'll get terribly home sick. Dublin rocks man (and the other 25 counties) and just like any love relationship, it's good to have some time apart.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hung from a tree and shot...

A ding ding ding ding dididing ding bing bing pscht,
Dorhrm bom bom bedom bem bom bedom bom bum ba ba bom bom,
Bouuuuum bom bom bedahm,
Bom be barbedarm bedabedabedabeda
Bbrrrrrimm bbrrrrramm bbbrrrrrrrrraammmmm ddddddraammm,
Bah bah baah baah ba wheeeeeee-eeeee-eeeee!

Sound familiar? Let me take you on a brief whirlwind tour surrounding the Crazy Frog epidemic.

Definition: The 'Annoying Thing' is a fictional, reptilian biped , who wears early Royal Air Force style flying cap and goggles with the chinstrap unfastened, along with a leather jacket. His toes are webbed, and the iris of one eye is significantly larger than the other.

I can't begin to fathom my hatred against that 'Crazy Frog.' The way it appears on TV constantly, has earned over £14 million and apparently is the most successful ringtone in the world.
It was created by Daniel Malmehdal from Sweden in 1997, he was 17 then. This fuck-stick and his mates had nothing better to do than imitate moped sounds and recorded it. Soon it was posted on the internet and was used in Swedish TV programmes.

In 2003, another Swede Erik Wernquist, a 3D animator, drew the 'Crazy Frog' (aka 'The Annoying Thing'), attached the audio and became what the abomination it is today.
In 2004, German ringtone company Jamba! (aka Jamster and Ringtone King) acquired its licencing and began its relentless advertising campaign.
So you just can't blame Daniel and Erik, it's the ringtone companies who keep putting ads up because of dumb-ass punters like YOU!! (OK, obviously those that don't)
I'll always remember this one story- My classmate and his bunch of mates were sitting in a pub. One of the guy's phone on the table rings, it's the Crazy Frog tune. The guy next to him picks it up and simply drops it into his pint and goes- "Fuck, my pint!!"

Follow ups:
Daniel Wernquist interview
Times: Crazy Frog turns into a real prince
The Annoying Thing homepage

Sunday, May 01, 2005

GCD Ball '05

While walking towards the entrance, I literally almost shat my pants when I realised I had forgotten the one valuable thing tonight, a ticket!! So I frantically searched for Ian and after a series of scares he managed to nick a used ticket inside and give it to me... My God I was relieved. The penguin suits & stilletos were out in force tonight.

And who did I see serving drinks at the bar? My old classmate from Terenure Gar Flynn! For old times sake, he got me liquored up with some free Jack D & Cokes and some serious discounts for the rest of the night (Ted you owe me big time).
The dinner menu was rather plain but anything tastes good when you're ravenous! (That's the best compliment I'll give) The live band were quite good, banging out tunes from Franz Ferdinand, Nirvana and Jet, although I was mostly outside losing my ass of at blackjack, although the banker chick was well hot!

DJ came on at about one and I seriously wanted to get up on stage and throw him off (back me up Grace). I even encouraged the band to start playing again. Funnily enough the bad music was beginning to sober me up.
All in all it was a night to remember, pity some others couldn't make it out. Exactly a month left of college life now, so glad that i've made plans for the summer. But of course the best laid plans can always go wrong...